Looking for some last-minute gift-inspiration? Either you like to complete your own wishlist or you need an idea to give a present to someone special, here is a list of gifts that are lovely to receive and also give back:

A pair of Toms. Their collection is stunning these days with not only espadrilles but really cosy slippers and a full range of sturdy boots. And the concept stays in place: you buy a pair of shoes/slippers and they give one pair to someone in need.

Sneaker Lenox Women via Toms

Would you like to highlight the beauty of your mum/sister/girlfriend? Surprise her with a luxurious product the beautiful brand Thrive Causemethics, who gives a beauty product to a woman in need (who had cancer or has been a victim of violence) with every purchase. Another beauty staple which gives back is Clarks Botanicals. Their products are natural and so good, and ten percent of their profits go to The Christopher Reeve Foundation to support research and help for people living with paralysis.

Clark Botanicals via marthastewart.com

A Passion Planner. These planners are a true gift for organized and planned people and for those who have big dreams. These planners will make you visualize your dream, create a wish-list, plan your roadmap and reach your goals. I truly love my passion planner as it is full of inspiration too! The cool thing is, when you buy a new planner they give a planner too. To either a school, an organization or individuals. You can order a planner here.

a Passion Planner

An animal-lover or someone who is into interior-design in your family? Then I would recommend giving a poster by Zoo&Me. These posters are looking cool in up-to-date colors and graphic designs, they are printed on 100% recycled paper and a third of the price will be donated to a charity that protects the animal pictured on the poster. They offer A4, A3 and A2 sizes starting at €17,50. They and can be ordered here.


Looking for something really unique and special? Then you should definitely check the IG account: “True art of giving.” This account has an auction principle everyday with cool, unique and precious gifts which are donated by their creators. You can bit on each new item everyday via IG. The price you pay for the gift, gets directly donated to ‘Because we Carry.’ This organization really makes a difference in the refugee crisis on Kara Tepe, Lesbos.  Buying from ‘True art of giving’ gives you a true win-win situation, as well as a good story to tell during Christmas.

True Art of Giving

Having a loved-one who has it all? Who doesn’t have anything left to wish? How about you surprise that special one with a gift-card to give to a donation to a charity? There are a lot of charities who took the initiative to create gift-cards to sell them on their website and there are also creative options such as ‘adopt an elephant‘ in Asia or Africa, ‘adopt a chicken‘ locally or ‘Give a goat’ to a family in Ghana (Oxfam). I personally love the ‘NIKS’ campaign of Greenpeace. You can find their cool giftcard here.

Photo from Oxfam Australia

Happy giving season!