Did you read the book The Secret? Or did you watch the documentary on Netflix maybe? If not, no worries I did and I can quickly explain what it’s about. The Secret reveals a method to attract the things you really want in life, by visualizing it, giving it all your positive energy and focussing it everyday.

To think of your wishes in life sounds a bit heavy, but it is actually really easy. Just think of your basic everyday goals. The things that make you happy, the things that get you up in the morning, the things you work for. The things you dream about every night. Think of what you want to become and what you want to achieve.

The idea of The Secret is you start to live the life you aim for and visualize your goals every day. This way you will become your dream, you will attract what you wish for with your positive energy. What will help to visualize your goals everyday is a vision-board: a mood-board filled with images, quotes and small decorations that all describe and visualize your dream(s) and wish(es). The board can be made from paper (magazines) or digital (on a Pinterest board or with a paint-program). Look at it often so your goals are truly visible for you everyday. You can put the vision-board in your room or as a background on your laptop/ Phone. This way it will positively affect your life.

Whether you believe the effect of The Secret or doubt it, it’s always fun to create a mood-board with your goals (life-goals, outfit-goals, work-out goals or goals for the new year). I like to do it both on Pinterest for inspiration from online, as well as on the floor with a hundred magazines. I usually take out of magazines what I like and make small piles of each goal. Then I choose the images that visualize my dreams, wishes the best and I pin them on pin-up board (made out of cork). This way I can easily move, change and re-arrange again. Another good option would be to stick it on a blanc page in your planner or notebook.

The vision board I created includes both work and personal goals:

  • Doing well a lot! Helping others
  • Make an impact with TSJ
  • Grow both personal and workwise
  • Focussing on health
  • Work on self-love
  • Manage time in the best way, being able to work flexible
  • LOVE
  • Joy

What would be on your board? And would you like to make one for your goals of 2019? I’d love to help!