Did you find the time to clean out your wardrobe? Great work! But would you like to make someone else happy with your pre-loved items, then my suggestions may come in handy. With these tips, you can start donating your clothes to charities that really make a difference!

Clothing Bank

There are multiple initiatives created to help out people in financially difficult times with clothing. They are mostly called Clothing Banks or Giving-stores. Both are working closely together with the food bank locally. People can get an appointment at one of the stores to receive a package of clothing for their families, up to two times a year. I helped out at the Clothing Bank in Amsterdam and I can tell: they do an amazing job in helping people stay warm and look appropriate in these difficult times.

Here you will find a list of all clothing banks in The Netherlands and with this link you will find all Giving-stores.

Salvation Army / Leger Des Heils

The Salvation Army is known for helping and supporting homeless in several countries. They do a lot of clothing collections, they have multiple collection-boxes on the streets and even come to pick up your clothes sometimes. Good for you to know, is that the clothes you donate to the Salvation Army, don’t always go directly to the homeless people. They also sell the clothes in their own Reshare stores or sell it to textile companies. This isn’t a bad thing, as the clothes get a second life and the money is used to provide help, food and shelter for the homeless people. So don’t worry whether your dresses or summer tops maybe won’t fit the homeless, they will make sure your donations are going to charity in the right way!

Dress for Success

This amazing charity strives to help people with financial issues become economically independent. How? By offering them a suitable business outfit to go to interviews and to offer them trainings in presenting yourself towards an employer. All to create a brighter and independent future. Dress for Success has stores, where potential customers can get an appointment to be styled and trained. These stores are always in need of donations, so if you happen to have business attire or classic items that can bring the right impression: donate them! Consider suits, blazers, shirts, classic heels, tie’s, pantalons or a classic coat. You can either donate them in one of the stores, or find a collection-box in your area (There is one at the Zuid-as in Amsterdam I know).

Baby clothing

The charity organization Babyspullen takes care of moms and mommy-to-be’s by providing them new and barely used baby clothes and supplies. This is so valuable, as 1 out of 9 baby’s in the Netherlands is born in a family of poverty. Therefore, it’s a perfect destination for your baby’s clothing and supplies! Find a location to donate here.


A lot of smaller organizations collect Bra’s for women in refugee camps such as Lesbos (Moria). One of them is Because we Carry and the other one is Betty’s Boop’s in Amsterdam. This store in De Pijp is the place to hand-in your bra’s directly for donation.

Other initiatives to support

  • Homeless shelters of De Regenboog Groep
  • An ‘Blijf van mijn lijf huis’ close to you
  • Because we Carry – they collect in emergency and ask for quick reponse
  • Refugee collection initiatives (such as local AZC’s, or people going to Lesbos, Calais)
  • Sympany collecting-boxes (they recycle and support charities)

I suggest you to follow the above organizations on Instagram or in the local newspapers, to know when they ar collecting and what they need.

Sell for Charity

I personally think donating is the best way to give your clothes a second life, but of course if you have really lovely items of perfect quality, you can decide to either sell them online on the platforms like Vinted or The Next Closet or on a local fair/ market. It’s an option to donate the money to a charity if you feel you would like to support anyway.

Selling clothes for Plan International at Ijhallen, Amsterdam – Jan 2020

Please keep an eye on the BLOG, as soon I will also upload a blogpost about donating old stuff for charity (non-clothing).

Love, XOXO