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Thank you for visiting the blog again! I love to bring you another brand on Kind Style Saturday and I am very excited about this weeks’ brand: Free People.

Free People is a US based women’s brand and retail + online store with physical stores in the US, Canada and Europe. The brand has a strong Boho style. Free People is part of the US company URBN that also owns Urban Outfitters – a sister brand and retail store.

Free People focusses on the latest trends, combined with vintage styles. All styles are high in quality and creative in design – perfect for festival clothing. They offer a very wide range of apparel such as dresses, skirts, jeans and jackets. Next to apparel they offer accessories, lingerie, outerwear,  shoes, swimwear, sportswear, and beauty products.  Free People is the address for the ultimate bohemian item and matching vibe.

Their collection

I personally love their collection – as it is dreamy, romantic and feminine – the perfect mix for my casual wardrobe and a special occasion such as a wedding. The boho style also fits into my travels, as most items have a dreamy and easy vibe. Free People is very well known for their bohemian party dresses, wrap dresses, mini dresses and maxi’s. Their collection contains of a lot of natural fabrics (most items are cotton). Their active apparel comes in econyl, a new developed fibre and 100% recycled out of waste. They use a lot of earthy tones and work with uni prints or small, fine printing on their garments. Their beauty products (make-up, fragrance, wellness products, skincare and sun care) are all cruelty free with some vegan options and come in the cutest packages. Their shoes or on-point and can really finish every look collected in the Free People collection. Their web-store offers both FP collections as well as items from additional brands.

Some of my favorites of the current collection:

Please leave a comment if you like to get a link to any of these items in their webstore

What they do with kindness

Free People is involved in multiple charitable programs and events. This way they focus on multiple causes supporting development in many ways. They decide to focus on both short- and longterm campaigns to activate CSR.

Girls Inc.

First of all they work closely with Girls Inc. long term. This organization inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold through direct services and advocacy. A combination of long lasting mentoring, a pro-girl environment and research based programming equips girls to be healthy, educated and independent. Girls Inc. serves girls in the age of 6 to 18 years old across 82 countries. Free People supports Girls Inc. in multiple ways. First of all they encourage their customers to re-use their shopping bag. Re-using your shopping bag will lead to a donation from FP to Girls Inc. Next to that, Free People organizes events: the #movingtogether event is one of them. An event where 200 girls pair up to lead healthy lifestyles through fitness. Free People also provides career workshops, giving girls the possibility to connect with Free People’s home office team for opportunities and lessons.

Waves for Water

In order to support the Waves for Water movement, Free People developed a special Tee collection of which proceeds will be donated to the organization. The current donation is reaching $50.000,- which will give Waves for Water the possibility to buy 1.400 water filters. Waves For Water (supported by the surf-community) provides compact, sustainable filters to communities in need around the world who receive access to clean drinking water through these filters. Some 3 in 10 people worldwide, or 2.1 billion, lack access to safe, readily available water at home. With the Waves for Water program, they are able to have a true impact. Up until today they have 150.000 filters implemented and therefore have impacted the lives of up to 3.750.000 people.

Waves for Water Tee collection

Boxed Water

Free People created a special design for a package of boxed water. Boxed water is a sustainable and recyclable alternative for plastic bottles. Free People supports their cause and activates its’ customers to join. The #BetterPlanet campaign makes it possible to simply post an Instagram of the collaboration with #BetterPlanet and @FreePeople and they will plant five trees on your behalf.

Review & Opinion

Their collection is stunning and their style unique, fresh, feminine and romantic. Their offer is so complete, you wouldn’t need to stop in any other place. They offer mostly natural garments and use recycled materials in their collections. From my personal point of view, I think their CSR-program is refreshing, as they use events, their own collections and new products in their CSR-program. They try to integrate new ways of doing good all the time and have the drive to activate their customer to join them. I personally really like that! They offer long-term support to Girls Inc. with multiple activities and programs. The fact they change their smaller supporting program from one organization to another every now and them, makes it possible to support multiple organizations and to stay on top of new developments or innovations. Next to that, they choose to support smaller CSR-programs and therefore the financial support of Free People can make a big change. Nothing bad about that in my opinion.

The store in Amsterdam (9 streets) is full of treasures and decorated with love for detail.

The first dress I tried on was a match. Beautiful fabric, lovely embroidered details and an open back.
This dress was a choice of the girl from the store. The fit is perfect for my figure and the fabric so soft. Love the pleated details.
Their hat collection is stunning! A hat instantly brings boho and confidence to your style. Bring one in the fitting room;-)

Have a lovely weekend!