Goodday my dear readers!

Hope you are doing well today and are having a good weekend:) The weather is surprisingly good here, I just had my first dinner outside this year. Hopefully the full weekend will stay this way!

Such a surprise!

This afternoon I got the surprising message that my interview got published in the magazine of the Financial Newspaper of The Netherlands. I ran up to the kiosk to get two copies of it and couldn’t wait to read and see the final result. I am very happy with it! The interview was held in the beginning of March and I wasn’t sure when it would have been published. But here it is:)

This interview is all about flexible volunteering and how it is possible to combine this with a career. I speak from an entrepreneurial point of view, giving an insight in the activities as well as the effects of doing flexible voluntary work. I also give my opinion about a possible improvement when it comes to flexible voluntary work. Next to me, a few more volunteers were interviewed as well as an entrepreneur who set up a digital platform to find and book your voluntary activity (named Deedmob). Together it’s a perfect mix of opinions and experiences.

I got interviewed by the talented Susan Sjouwerman who reached out to me after contacting NL-cares. NL-cares is the organization I book my voluntary activities with. I like to contribute to the growth of NL-cares and the amount of (flexible) volunteers and therefore it’s been an honor to be featured in this interview!

You will find the interview (in Dutch) in the PS – Persoonlijk magazine of the Saturday-edition of the FD newspaper. Saturday 18th of May, Year 2019 – PS nr. 20 – the Career section

Curious what you think of it!

I am sorry the published article is fully in Dutch this time.