Hello dear followers, welcome back to my blog! I am so glad you are here, because of you I love to continuously write and inspire. and today I like to speak about the things we like the most.

Because, did you know that whatever you like to do the most, can most certainly help someone else too? I never thought of volunteering that way before but I came to insight while I got interviewed last week, by VCA (volunteer community Amsterdam).

What do you love to do? What aspires you? What’s your favorite hobby? I know I do have a thousand things I enjoy doing: baking (cookies, cakes or pancakes), walking, photography, sewing, Christmas decorations, kittens & puppies, styling & shopping (LOVE), planning/organizing or watching a movie. And there is plenty more of activities. There is also things other people tend to really like such as boardgames, computers, fixing electronics, caring, motivational talking, knitting, writing, fishing, mobile phones, cleaning, sailing, reptiles, drawing, working-out or driving.

Whether you have any of these hobbies or you enjoy something else, I am sure each activity can easily be converted into a volunteer activity. Bake cookies together with kids, walk with an elderly person, photograph voluntary at an event, help organizing someone’s home, fix clothes for those less fortunate, play a board-game in an elderly home, help someone sending an app on their phone, drive someone to their family as a volunteer driver, coach someone (through a work-out, with a new business) or clean someone’s home. Whatever it is you like to do and spend more time on doing, convert it into something you can help someone with voluntary.

All you have to do is organize your voluntary activity! Find that person who you share interests with and who you could help. Offer your activity locally or online (Facebook works well or volunteer websites). Check your supermarket or local newspaper whether someone would like some company and you’ll sure find an activity to enjoy doing together. Or apply for a buddy-program, based on interests. There is multiple buddy programs to be found online.

I am sure it will bring you so much joy: spending more time doing what you like & helping others at the same time. It’s much more fun and sustainable to help someone when you like what you do. And whatever brings you happiness, will bring others happiness.

Enjoy everything you do!