Oh I am so excited about this time of year. The days between Christmas and New Years feel ‘extra’ as you don’t need to do a lot but you actually can do a lot. And one of the best things to do these days, besides watching movies and sleeping in, is evaluate and dream. Evaluate your accomplishments of 2018, be thankful for all your achievements. Especially around Christmas I feel most grateful. But this time is also perfect to look forward to the new year and dream of all the new plans. Your goals and aims for the new year bring excitement and can give a good focus and structure.

Working with your accomplishments and dreams, can be done in multiple ways. The first one is in your mind, as thinking and dreaming of those important points can bring you a lot of happiness. You can also try to visualize your accomplishments and dreams by using mood boards (or my personal favorite: Pinterest). Or you can even try to write them down. Writing it down can be in any possible way of course: writing it in a letter (dear 2018 and dear 2019), making lists or by mind-mapping.

I personally love all different techniques and use multiple of them to go over my beautiful 2018 and magical 2019 these days. But to sum it up a little bit for you, I share my lists here:)

My accomplishments and gratefuls of 2018

Starting The Sunshine Journey

My dear family and friends

Saying goodbye to my long lived dream job (I have new dreams now!)

My trips to London, to Sweden, to Calais and To Guatemala, Belize & Mexico

Volunteering in so many different projects

Getting so many new insights

Finding calmness, getting rid of stress within myself

Growing confidence

Developing my photography skills and my digital skills

Enjoy every day, love life, live in the moment

My dreams, ideas and plans of 2019

Follow a business Masterclass

Travel a lot to voluntary projects

Start to learn to speak Spanish

Create a product for TSJ

Start working with Youtube, Bloglovin’ and Facebook

Focus more on promotions and collaborations

Improve my health

Ohh my list can go on much much longer! What do you think of my lists? Any ideas that you like or plans you have a thought about? I would love to hear from you!


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