Is Diani, Kenya a paradise for digital nomads?

It’s fair to say that I’ve always been curious about the lifestyle of digital nomads: working everywhere around the world while enjoying your travels.
But most digital nomads in the end tent to go to places that are developed for it, with fast wifi and great oat-lattes. And I understand that. My journey is different from that, as I travel to more rural areas of the world, and therefore becoming a digital nomad is more of a trial. Not a goal on itself. Nevertheless, Diani Beach Kenya happily surprised me:

  • The WIFI services are great and have improved in a short time. 2-years ago you could barely find a good hotel with WIFI, now all of them in the mid-range have it functioning perfectly.
  • The hotels are so beautiful on the Strip of Diani Beach, so your working environment (office) is photogenic and inspiring. I personally loved: Swahili Beach Resort , Simba Village Apartments and Saffron Villa’s.
  • The views are so inspiring – do I need to say more;-)?
  • There are cool coffee spots and restaurants where you can squeeze in for a perfect latte, a slice of apple pie and open up your laptop . My favorites are Nomads for the food and the view and Kokkos Cafe for the coffee.
  • Time-wise it can be beneficial that you are 1 hour ahead of Europe, but there is not too much time difference.
  • Buying a local sim-card for your phone is fairly easy and cheap, you just need to get it with your passport. This way, you can always be online on your phone wherever you go, or even create a hotspot when its needed for working on your laptop remotely.

I believe the Diani Coast of Kenya is a perfect place to go to as a digital nomad – living in Paradise.

Diani Beach, Digital Nomads Paradise

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