Hello dear Sunshines!

I hope you are doing well these days, enjoying June wherever you are in the world. Here in Stockholm, I certainly am:)

As the world is slightly, slightly opening up again at a slow pace, I am starting thinking of my future plans, dreams and destinations. And helping charities as a volunteer will definitely stay on the top of my list when I will be able to travel anywhere. 

Lately I have become more conscious of the fact that we have so much power in who we support and therefore we should always be critical in who we help, who we donate our money to and how we feel about what we do. Therefore, I’d like to share a critical checklist for Humanitarian Help and Charities with you, which might be helpful for you as a future volunteer.

Before helping out, you may like to ask or research the following questions as a checklist:

  1. Who are the founders of the organization?
  2. Who are they working with? What are their resources?
  3. Are they working together with local representatives from the community?
  4. How are they empowering, rather than helping, the communities?
  5. What is their exit strategy for when the problems are resolved?
  6. What percentage of the donations actually goes to the communities themselves?

It is both interesting and useful to do this little investigation before going there to help. It will give you even more the feeling of helping out and making a difference if you find the answers satisfying in what you aim for. I really hope this checklist is useful for you. Please be and stay critical!

More about my travel plans and future dreams POST-Covid soon on the BLOG.