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Goodmorning and happy weekend!

Isn’t it special, how the sooth smell of coffee can awaken you? How coffee can bring coziness to a rainy morning or an energy boost in the afternoon? I truly love it. There is a whole culture around coffee with lots of specialties and traditions. It’s no surprise that coffee is the number one drink in the world.

As coffee is a common drink, it can be good to consider where we retrieve it from. As coffee is mostly a manual process, I am curious where to find coffee that touches the topics of ethics and environment. In this post I like to highlight some coffee brands with kindness.

Lavazza – has a beautiful coffee brand which is offered in many coffee bars and restaurants. Their quality is fresh and good, but their kindness even better. Lavazza is partner of Save The Children, which results in donations of 3 million euros over the past 15 years. Lavazza and STC work together to provide care for infants and giving teenagers a perspective for a bright and succesful future.

Joe & the Juice – this Danish coffee bar is quickly taking over the coffee culture in Europe, offering good coffee in an eclectic atmosphere. I personally like the vibe and the pink cups here, but what I love is the fact Joe offers 100% organic, sustainable, Honduran coffee – produced with only sustainable energy sources.

Nespresso – the famous coffee from the cute small cups. Oh and the brand with the face of George Clooney. Nespresso is taking big steps in recycling its cups, to minimize the ecological footprint of these cups. Their recycling process for alluminium is revolutationary. Next to recycling, Nespresso guarantees sorely ethical produced coffee from good coffeefarms in Colombia and Ethiopia.

Starbucks – if you say coffee, you say Starbucks. This coffee label can be found almost everywhere in the world. They guarantee the highest quality coffee in their bars which is sustainable and ethical responsible produced. Regarding kindness is Starbucks a supporter of volunteering, offering its’ employees the possibility to actively participate in local volunteer programs. Next to that, they support multiple charities in-stores, like this month they give to the Born-this-way Foundation. Starbucks is also a progressive player when it comes to recycling .

Nescafe – a well-known coffee brand in many homes, as Nescafe is one of the most common coffees to buy in a grocery store. Nescafe has its own ‘Grown Respectfully’ program, which includes coffee produced by local coffee farmers in twenty developing countries. These farmers get support from Nescafe in sharing knowledge, educate, better tools and gear. This way, Nescafe believes the farmers can develop and benefit more from their own production and create economical stability as well as a successful future.

Zavor Coffee – a small Dutch coffee that offers coffee in coffee bars and in their own webshop. They produce coffee sorely in East-Africa (Burundi, Kenia, Ethiopië, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda) where they guarantee to develop a better life situation for everyone living or working in the areas of the coffee production.

Fascino Coffee – this coffee can be found in many offices as wel as many homes. Fascino Coffee buys only locally produced coffee beans from small farmers in Guatemala, Ethiopie, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and Indonesia. They guarantee the working conditions and salaries are checked and approved. Next to that, Fascino invests in local projects close to the coffee productions, such as education, sports and housing.

Coffee brands that offer Fairtrade coffee and are partnered with UTZ, Rainforest Alliance (more common):

  • Douwe Egberts
  • HEMA
  • Café de Origen
  • Red Beans
  • Peeze

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of kind coffee breaks! xx