I am currently working hard on changes for The Sunshine Journey online. As we speak, I am writing and designing new things for the website and I can’t wait to show you. Here’s a little update on the changes!

BLOG 2.0

I love the blog i’ve been having for over a year and writing about my journey is still fun, but I like to focus more on videos and my consulting work as well. Therefore I decided that the blog will still be here and updated, but will have a less prominent role on the website as before. It will still be here, but next to that you will find more information about volunteering in general, more videos and more of my business to business work. Like I explained earlier, I also do consulting work which is such a fulfilling role. I like to create space for this part of The Sunshine Journey’s business to be more visible.

And last but not least, there is a new initiative coming online. I am super excited about this part and currently working hard behind-the-scenes to shape the ideas into actual material. It’s a dream come true. More about that coming soooon!

Love, E

Photo by IG-account el_kedageenfeestje