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    Weekend GET-AWAY: Storholmen

    I felt like sharing another get-away tip with you for the Stockholm area and a TIP for (future) travelers to Stockholm: If you would like to experience the Archipelago of Stockholm (the world heritage islands), an easy and quick visit…

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    Swedish Lapland on a budget

    In this BLOG, you will be able to find my 7 best tips to travel to Swedish Lapland on a budget. I always thought traveling to Lapland would be one of the most expensive things to do. I thought thousands…

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    TSJ on the MOVE: Stockholm!

    In this post, you'll find my 1st video that shows a quick overview of the move in JAN - FEB '21 during COVID-19. I moved out of my apartment, flew from Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Arlanda (Stockholm), moved into my…

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    A City Made by People: #givingback

    Last December I did a very special collaboration with A City Made by People on #givingback, a lovely initiative that operates worldwide and is focussing on connecting urban globe trotters and the city's citizens. Their mission: better cities are build…