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    Chitwan National Park in Nepal is one of the prettiest and unique jungles in Asia. To go on safari here is exciting, special and authentic. Safari in this Southern part of Nepal is a must do! The area of Chitwan…

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    Changes on TSJ coming up!

    I am currently working hard on changes for The Sunshine Journey online. As we speak, I am writing and designing new things for the website and I can't wait to show you. Here's a little update on the changes!

  • Kind Living

    Selling my clothes for Plan international

    I recently did a closet sale for Plan International. As a volunteer, I am in regular contact with the organization and they asked for volunteers to join a flea market for plan. As I am a fashion lover, I have…

  • Kind Traveling,  The Journey

    London 2019

    YESS, I spontaneously booked a trip to London - UK. I had two days off from work and loved to go away shortly. London is close-by and my hearts bursts with energy for the holidays (I am a sucker for…

  • Kind Living

    I don’t want you to feel guilty….

    I recently heard someone saying that, whenever she looks into my account on Instagram, she feels guilty. It's a feeling of me doing lots of good thing for others, while you don't help anyone but yourself. I hereby would like…

  • Kind Style

    Collaboration with Clothingbank Amsterdam

    Since the beginning of August, I started a new voluntary role: I work as Social Media coordinator voluntary at the Clothing Bank in Amsterdam. This organization has a physical store in Amsterdam Noord and support minima in clothing. The collaborate…