Happy Summer!

The website of TSJ will be under construction in August, but don’t worry: we’ll be back shortly! In the meantime: enjoy your summer and follow the journey on Instagram:


Chitwan National Park in Nepal is one of the prettiest and unique jungles in Asia. To go on safari here is exciting, special and authentic. Safari in this Southern part of Nepal is a must do! The area of Chitwan National Park is known to be humid and warm, yet it can turn cold at night. You are advised to be very protective of mosquitos and insects. In this post i’ll share the ultimate essentials for safari in Chitwan.

Changes on TSJ coming up!

I am currently working hard on changes for The Sunshine Journey online. As we speak, I am writing and designing new things for the website and I can’t wait to show you. Here’s a little update on the changes!

7 things you CAN do as a volunteer during Corona lockdown

These are hard times. Even if you like to volunteer, most activities get cancelled or postponed. But there are always things you CAN do and therefore below a few tips you can do as a volunteer during Corona lockdown.

Why traveling & volunteering in India is the perfect mix

Traveling in India as a tourist is very exciting and not extremely hard – the country offers many options to travel, to stay and to dine in different levels of luxury. But still I experienced that traveling doesn’t always reflect the countries everyday life.

Selling my clothes for Plan international

I recently did a closet sale for Plan International. As a volunteer, I am in regular contact with the organization and they asked for volunteers to join a flea market for plan. As I am a fashion lover, I have plenty of clothes and can easily miss some of it;-) I woke up early, went to the Amsterdam ‘Ij-hallen’ and created a stand filled with Pink! I got a donation box and slingers from the company to decorate my stand and there we go!

London 2019

YESS, I spontaneously booked a trip to London – UK. I had two days off from work and loved to go away shortly. London is close-by and my hearts bursts with energy for the holidays (I am a sucker for Christmas) so the choice was made in a second….

I don’t want you to feel guilty….

I recently heard someone saying that, whenever she looks into my account on Instagram, she feels guilty. It’s a feeling of me doing lots of good thing for others, while you don’t help anyone but yourself. I hereby would like to shout out t anyone with similar thoughts: Never ever should you feel guilty when you look into my account. NEVER!

6 ways to take action for charity yourself!

Say YES to taking action today. Here are 6 ways to take action for charity yourself – easy and fun!

Volunteering with your company

Helping out with hectas at Utrecht’s Ronald McDonald Home – By guestblogger Lynn