In one of my IG-Stories I recently mentioned how much I support the system behind the magazines and newspapers distributed by homeless people. I think it’s super interesting for you to know more about this support system and therefore I like to explain this even more in-depth:

The newspapers or magazines are mostly made by volunteers and non-profit organizations, distributed locally and written and inspired by stories from the street: stories about neighborhoods, the people that live here, news about the neighborhood and so on.
Whether you like what’s in there or not, I truly support the economical system behind it. I’ll explain you more about it!

The System Behind

These magazines and newspapers are not ‘given’ but bought by the people that sell it. They have to buy-in on them, make a forecast of the amount they will sell and then pay in advance. Once they go out and sell, they use a margin to sell and the difference is for themselves. The great thing about this? They organize their own economy! They have to save, forecast, sell-in and sell-out. And save again a part of their income to do the next sell-in. This way, they learn to get their personal economies in place, learn to financially take care of themselves, take responsibility and become financially independent someday.

Buying such a magazine or a newspaper, needless of the interest you have to read it, is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to help a homeless person financially. You don’t just give them money to buy food or drinks, you contribute to their financial stabilization, to their independence. To their feeling of achievement. Their feeling of being capable of managing their own economics.

So if you have something to give and like to help: buy their magazines or newspaper!

I recently met Thorbjorn who contributes to the newspaper with his poems – AMAZING!

I hope this BLOG was useful and makes you think about it the next time you get an offer of such newspaper.

For more info: and

With love, E.

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