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I hop you are having a happy day ahead of you:) I am excited to share another Kind Style report with you guys, as this time I tell you all about my favorite brand from Norway, which I’ve kept a secret place for fashion treasures for a long time. The retail company I am talking about is BIK BOK. And the most beautiful thing I discovered? They work on corporate and social responsibility in close collaboration with Plan International. My two favorites work together♡ A dream!

Bik Bok x Plan International

About Bik Bok

Bik Bok is from origin a Norwegian fashion retailer and is part of the Varner Group, one of the biggest retail groups in Scandinavia. Varner Group also offers Cubus (also a must-stop), Dressmann, Dressmann XL, Carlings, Volt, Urban, WOW and Days Like This.

Bik Bok sells in stores and online (both online- and physical stores in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Austria). You are right, it may occur this retailer is not in your region (yet), but as we tend to all travel a lot AND Bik Bok is expanding, I still like to review them on the blog.

Their latest campaign was incredible – true love!

Their collection

Bik Bok offers a high fashion collection with commercial prices and a lot of trending styles. Their collection is bright, trending and feminine. They used to have a slightly more boyish and ‘cheaper’ style but they have changed for the better. Bik Bok can be compared with Monki from the H&M group, just slightly less odd fits and more feminine. Bik Bok works a lot with influencers, brands and inspiring girls, allowing them to create sub-collections within the offer of Bik Bok. This way Bik Bok renews their collections in multiple different styles continuously. Next to trending style they offer an amazing jeans-assortment and a good range of basics.

I know the store Bik Bok since 2012 and nowadays I tend to go to Bik Bok as soon as I can when I visit my beloved Sweden. The store makes me happy, as it is full of fashion finds and beautiful pieces. I always find cute tops, dresses and skirts plus their accessory rack is one I can’t pass without taking anything. And their prices are so good! I hereby like to share my current favorites from their collection:

  1. here 2. here 3. here 4. here 5. here 6. here 7. here 8. here 9. here 10. here 12. here

What Bik Bok does with Kindness

Bik Bok has partnered with Plan International since 2011, the organization you may know and that strives for equal rights and opportunities for girls. From 2014 on, Bik Bok developed their own supporting program for Plan International, called ‘Girls Right to Education.’ This program aims to raise girls and focus on addressing the barriers that prevents them from completing their education. Supporting girls education is one of the single best investments we can make to help end poverty.

Vietnam & Bangladesh

Their first project was launched fall 2014 in Vietnam were Bik Bok committed to fund a 3 year long school project together with Plan International. Together with the customers of Bik Bok (through Social Media), they raised over 3 million NOK (€300 000) and improved the lives for almost 1200 children that were direct beneficiaries of our project. They made a full report on their impact of the past three years as well as a video you can watch here (very good video!)

In July 2018 Bik Bok committed to fund a second project with Plan – a 3 year project in northern Bangladesh. In Bangladesh the focus will also lay on developing educational opportunities, safety and mentoring future carreer roll-outs.

Pictures from Bik Bok x Plan International


The Bik Bok Better Fashion Future (BFF) Initiative is the first step towards a more sustainable fast fashion practice.  Some initiatives are”

  • As an alternative to plastic bags, Bik Bok will offer more sustainable shopping bags to its customers, as well as sell plastic carrying bags that are manufactured in a more environmentally friendly manner. Any surplus from the sales of our plastic bags will be donated to the project The Ocean Clean Up. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. 
  • Bik Bok focuses on using more organic and sustainable materials. At the moment it produces multiples styles with BCI – Better Cotton Initiative, Fairtrade, Organic Cotton, Polylana and recycled polyester.
  • They strive for a fair-trade and honest production through transparency. When you shop in the online store, they show you information about the production of the garment, naming the factory.
Transparency on their product-side, focusing on sustainability

Review & opinion

Bik Bok is a personal favorite of mine and as a Ambassador of Plan Nederland I have warm feelings about this collaboration. It feels like a perfect combination of shopping with the knowledge they support a beautiful cause. As I read about their achievements in Vietnam and saw their video, I am impressed by the good work they do and they goals they’ve reached. It makes me excited to see what will be done in Bangladesh in 2 years from now. Working with a dedicated organization like Plan International will develop a sustainable and continuable change and that something we all hope to achieve.

What I am the most excited about, is the fact they involved their customers’ in stores to raise money for Plan. They developed a marketing strategy to get customers to post on Instagram and with this, support the Program of Bik Bok x Plan International. This is truly amazing, this is the ultimate Influencer and Engagement Marketing to me.

They take good steps into a more sustainable future. Nevertheless we see these steps taken by every fast fashion chain and therefore it’s not (yet) renewing. Maybe Bik Bok can take outstanding steps in the near future. What I am excited about is their transparency in production information. This is new and positively shocking. I am a true supporter of that, giving every customer the possibility to research and judge for themselves whether they like to buy the item they consider. Whether we are ok with the circumstances of the employees of the factory as well as the loans. H&M started doing this and I am sure many will follow.

More information about Bik Bok and their kindness projects here.