• Kind Traveling

    Kind Traveling: Bali

    Is Bali your next holiday destination? Maybe you are longing for paradise, but wouldn't it also be interesting to do something special during your vacation? Our guest-blogger Suzan volunteered in Bali, Indonesia recently and wrote a heartwarming blog about it!

  • The Journey

    My DW moment…

    My DW moment... That point when I realized with our knowledge and power we can make this world a better place. Read all about my moment and what it did to me in this blog.

  • Kind Living

    My reasons to always GO on that adventure

    I know it's not easy for everyone to travel or find the resources for it, but if you get the change: please GO. Make the decision quickly and embrace the adventure as it comes. Adventures don't always need to take…

  • The Journey

    The Journey: Malawi

    In this blog - with VLOG included - you will read all about my Journey through Malawi. I'll tell you about my trip, where I stayed, my best tips and my voluntary work.

  • The Journey

    Taste of Malawi

    I love a good piece of fashion, but more and more I become to realize I want my clothes to be ethical responsible and I like to know what my spendings add up or give back. Looking into the fashion…

  • The Journey

    The Journey: Zambia (Including VLOG)

    You maybe wouldn't pick it as a first choice holiday country, but Zambia actually is a beautiful place to spend your vacation. Read all about my trip here and the suggestions I have for you when traveling to Zambia, Africa.

  • The Journey

    Zambia: Comaco

    In this blog I like to tell you more about the South Luangwa National Park and the importance of conservation of wildlife. An organization I teamed up with - Comaco - is showing the perfect example of how wildlife conservation…

  • The Journey

    Zambia: The Okodwela Organization

    In Livingstone, Zambia I met up with these beautiful kids that are involved with the Okodwela organization, one of the most developing and valuable organizations I’ve seen so far. Okodwela increases stability for families in the Linda Community by building…

  • The Journey

    The aim of this blog – my business idea

    You support a charity with just one ‘like’ - a single like that makes a difference. You don’t need to physically donate money. No hazzle. Just a like on Instagram. And The Sunshine Journey is here to show you the…