Goodmorning dear readers,

Hope you woke up refreshed and happy! Did you get a calm start or did you stay in bed as long as you could, to eventually rush your way out?

A morning routine is something very personal and somewhat static (as we don’t like to change it a lot). Even if you you have a fixed routine and are happy with it, there is always room for improvement;-) Therefore I would like to share some ideas to add some love and happiness to your morning routine.

  1. Be grateful – Find something that you’re grateful for (life in general, your children, partner, your health, the warm bed you are in, nature outside your window). Take your time to be thankful for all you have in your life instead of thinking about what you don’t have. It won’t just make you happier the moment you wake up, it will also give your brain the push to more easily see the positive things in life.
  2. Meditate – Instead of jumping out of bed directly, take 5 to 10 minutes to meditate. This will help you to create peace and gives you a good mindset before starting the day. This is especially great for those of us having a hard time getting straight out of bed.
  3. Drink lemon water – When you wake up, your body had a 6-10 hours detoxification and by drinking a glass of cold water with lemon juice you push the effect of the cleansing. With this glass of lemon juice you will kick-start your metabolism again. Make sure to eat a nutricious breakfast about 20 minutes after you had the glass.
  4. Be present -Take a few moments while you are taking a shower or while eating your breakfast to just be present. Feel the water on your skin, taste the different flavors of your breakfast. It feels good and it’s an amazing way to consciously set your energy and intention towards your day.
  5. Focus on your day – Whether you intend to have a productive work day or have quality time with friends or family, have a day full of fun or intend to have a calm and peaceful day. When you focus you align your heart, mind, and spirit with this intention. It will definitely help you succeeding the goals of the day.
  6. Listen to music – Listening to a playlist in the morning will set your mood. Depending on the music, you can instantly feel happy, calm, peaceful or energized. Try to put the music on a soft tone in the early morning to start your day or turn it louder when you’re in the shower. Listening to a podcast can also be a good option, as it can motivate you, push you towards your goals, reflect your thoughts or learn you something interesting in the morning.
  7. Drink tea – Not a fan of water or coffee? Try to drink tea with your breakfast. Not only is tea healthy, but recent studies show it might even boost your creativity. An option is also to make the lemon-water a fresh lemon tea.
  8. Light a candle – When you have breakfast, light a little candle on your table or in your kitchen. A candle works towards a calm and peaceful mindset. When you light a scented candle it can instantly change your mood and bring you happiness.
  9. Write a journal – A lot of people have the intentions of writing a journal, but at night they tend to lose focus, run out of time or are simply too tired. But why not write it in the morning? You can clearly reflect on the day before and set your goals for the day to come.
  10. Scroll through inspiration – Whether you like to get inspired by your favorite blogger, thumblr page, instagram account or your pinterest, give yourself some inspiration in the morning and your mindset will be happy. The inspiration sets your mood positively and can give your day a push towards a goal you’d like to achieve.
  11. Make your bed – a very simple one, but making your bed sets up your room for a successful day.
  12. Open the curtains – Be there to welcome the day. Embrace the moment. Take a deep breath and open the curtains. You may also want to add in a phrase, mantra, or a simple, ‘Thanks for today.’
  13. Walk your dog – Taking your dog for a walk in the morning is a great way to begin your day calm and you can easily combine the time outside with a little exercise, some listening or thinking. When you don’t have a dog, the walk can still be a great way to start your morning;-)
  14. Remember someone you’ve lost – Take a moment in the morning to remember a lost loved one. It’s one of the best ways to keep them alive and close.
  15. Stretch – stretching your body in the (early) morning promotes the brain cell growth, helps blood circulation, boosts your mood and combats stress. There are multiple stretching exercises or easy yoga poses to be found online.

How do you start your day?

I hope any of these ideas can be added to your daily routine. Have a lovely day![miniorange_social_sharing]