Goodmorning dear you!

Hope you are doing very well:) My day-to-day activity contains a lot of love, happiness, giving and doing well. But ME-time is as important as well. To fill your day with as much love as possible, I hereby like to share some quick add-on’s to daily life! Spread the love my dear…♡


  • Put on your favorite music and sing along when you can
  • Drink your favorite coffee or tea, preferably from your favorite mug
  • Call a relative unexpactically
  • Paint your nails
  • Chase the sunshine
  • Wear pretty jewelry
  • Add a bow into your hair
  • Cuddle as many people & dogs as possible
  • Buy yourself a cake, a brownie or a special cookie. Love comes through the tummy
  • Write: a love-letter, a small note in your diary or a sweet message to a friend. Write it down and it breaths love
  • Celebrate the day. Who says you can only celebrate your birthday? Isn’t this …day also a good day to celebrate?
  • Get cosy. In the corner of your couch, on your bed, on someones lap
  • Read a book
  • Focus on a positive quote or live-quote that inspires you and repeat it as often as you can. It will change your mindset and attitude
  • Daydream as much as possible
  • Smile to as many people as you can. You give them your smile, they give you a good mood
  • Think of all the things you are grateful of. You’ll be surprised how many things you can mention and it will boost your grattitude
Wear your favorite jewelry♡


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