Volunteer for a day

Being able to volunteer flexible, for (half) a day, when you have some time to spend, is more possible then ever before. Flexible or pop-up volunteering is the ultimate solution to fit in some voluntary work while running your busy schedules and plans. It’s easy, no string attached and still gives you the satisfaction and gratitude you hope to find without having to give the commitment of spending a fixed amount of time weekly / monthly.

For The Netherlands, I usually plan my voluntary tasks a few days in advance and I plan them with the following organizations:            

  • NL Cares                                                                                       
  • Amsterdam Impact                                                                                   
  • Serve the City                                                                                      
  • Stichting Present 

For your area, just search for ‘flexible volunteering’ + your city and I am sure you will find multiple options that work as well as the above:)


  • You don’t have to commit to a fixed time or moment in the week to volunteer. This brings you more flexibility and rest to help when you can but never because you need to.  You can set your own priorities and plan your week the way you like it.
  • Next to not having to commit to a fixed time, you won’t have to commit to a specific organization if you don’t want to. It can be really interesting to fulfill different tasks within different organizations. This way, you may learn new things or you come to discover what you like the most, what aspires you. Knowing what aspires you can help you set out your path and goals for the future.
  • You will develop different skills that you may benefit from to reach your future goals. You can build up a network that possibly will help you to further succeed. 
  • And volunteering, even one-day projects, are a good addition to your resume and become more and more important to employers.

To consider:

  • As you work as a volunteer for (half) a day, consider they may have limited time to introduce you to the organization and work. Therefore the tasks may be simple when you start, but it makes it easy to get into it. If you like to know more or do more, you can always ask. If you decide to come to volunteer for an organization more often, you get a deeper understanding of the organization and the tasks. 
  • In (half) a day, it may be hard to build up a bond when you work with people or animals. Developing trust or building a friendship takes time, so does it in volunteering. Enjoy the time you have with them and make your stay worth while. If you would like to develop a relationship with who you volunteer with, you can volunteer flexible every now and then still come one’s a month to help. You will be able to build up a relationship, it just may take a bit longer.