Here you can find all relevant information about working as a volunteer. The different types, the pro’s and cons and many links to find the right project for you!

The principle of volunteering is clear: you offer time and exercise to help a certain project without receiving a form of salary in return. What you DO receive in return can be a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, thankful and fulfillment. You may develop new skills, create a network, build new friendships and relations, work on your resume, experience new things and you might receive small gifts in return.

Some projects do provide you with food and stay, or even travels or excursions. The information will be stated in the details of a volunteer project.

Be aware of the costs that may come along with volunteering. The decision to pay for it is based upon your own judgement. Please read further in each detailed page of volunteering about costs or contact us for advice.

Click below to read more on each form of volunteering

Volunteer for a day

Volunteer while on holiday (voluntourism)

Volunteer weekly / monthly

Volunteer while working full-time

Volunteer short-term (1-3 months)

Volunteering long-term (3 months – up to a year)

Certification mark

To check whether a volunteering project or organization is working with international guidelines for volunteering, please check whether your organization / project is affiliated with the following guidelines and organizations:

1 The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) – International Voluntourism guidelines for commercial tour operators
2Comlámh’s Code
3Fair Trade Volunteering
4International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA)
5Voluntourism101 – Learning Service Guidelines
6Year Out Group – Operating Guidelines for the Volunteering Sector
7 The Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct
8 The Better Care Network
9Fair Trade Federation
10The Global Sustainable Tourism Council
11The International Ecotourism Society – Ecotourism Guidelines

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