About TSJ

Well, there is always a story behind an idea. Hereby, we would like to share the idea of:

The Sunshine Journey

This online blog has been created in September 2018 to help others. In order to do this, this blog functions as a platform for likeminded lovers. Lovers who dare to do different, like to feel inspired and have a big heart. By following and supporting The Sunshine Journey on our Social Media, we are able to gain brand awareness. By growing as a platform, cooperations become part of the daily business. These cooperations are special, because by creating content we agree together to spend the attention andmoney, involved in this cooperation, to help others.

The earnings will be used to help others to achieve a better life. We will bring you the transparency of how the help and donations change lives, bring better circumstances for those involved and support health, education, cultural development as well as natural conservation.

The companies we cooperate with will see first-hand how their spendings bring a Social and Cultural Responsible difference to the world. The difference they make, will be acknowledged and spread out widely.

Together, by following and supporting The Sunshine Journey, we can make a difference.

Come, follow our journey and actively support achieving our goals.

Because doing well makes you feel better.


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