This is: The Sunshine Journey

The Sunshine Journey was started in 2018 to become the biggest inspirational platform for kindness, doing good and taking care. Ever since, the platform shares tips and ideas to add kindness to your everyday life. A big part of the journey has always been volunteering, both locally and internationally. All experiences and impressions are shared here on the BLOG and on Social Media (Instagram & Youtube). Today, the journey transitioned into a business – supporting businesses developing their best CSR program. Giving back, supporting and collaborating to charity and nonprofits. The Sunshine Journey is able to provide your business with the most sustainable, future driven CSR plan suitable for your company, your employees and your marketing. TSJ is able to carry out the full CSR plan as well – I got you covered!

The blog and platform continuously show the power of a sincere and sustainable ambition, and how it can move and inspire others.

Would you like to read more about my personal experiences with volunteering, my best tips and practical info on volunteering?