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TAbout the girl behind The Sunshine Journey

the girl behind TSJ is a 29-year old girl living in Amsterdam, one of the most inspiring cities of the world. For over five years, she worked in a fast-pace commercial driven Fashion company. No day had ever been the same, fashion seasons came and gone within the blink of an eye and sales kept on counting. She used to be working 50 hours a week, leading a team and managing a sales turnover of 4 million euros a year. She used to attend board-meetings on Monday mornings and filled her week with achieving goals and setting out strategies. This career-minded girl really loved every minute of it and learned a lot during that time.

Yet there was this urge to travel, to see other cultures, to help out those less privileged and to make a change in the world. Traveling in Mexico, sitting in a bus for 18 hours cross-country, has been the start of the development and the fundaments of The Sunshine Journey.

In January 2018, her employer gave her the chance to take a step back which made it possible for her to develop the goals and detailed business ideas for The Sunshine Journey.

In August 2018 she decided to fully focus on the Journey and started the blog and Instagram account.

Today, she takes every opportunity she can to inspire others for a more beautiful and purposeful life. She writes and tells about the journeys she makes in order to do well, the beautiful people she meets along the way and the places she gets to see. With her background in fashion, the blog also contains a lot of personal style. Fashion, beauty and interior design are recurring themes.

More facts about her:

  • She’s a fashion professional for over 5 years.
  • She studied International Fashion Management for 5 years, with a huge interest for multimedia.
  • She lived in Sweden, where she learned about the cultural base of taking care for each other.
  • She’s feeling at home in both The Netherlands and Sweden.
  • Currently she’s living and working in Amsterdam, one of the prettiest and most inspiring cities of Europe. Amsterdam is numbered as the city where their residents tend to be the happiest. She is one of them.
  • She is part of one of the most wealthy generations, living in Western-Europe.
  • She owns a bike and an apartment. And a clever and creative mind.
  • She has a love for romance and Scandinavian design.
  • She loves traveling (who doesn’t?)
  • She’s a sunshine seeker.

Life goals

1. Make a positive impact

2. Collect beautiful memories

3. Get rid of limiting beliefs

4. Pursue a career and lifestyle she’s excited about!

With love, xxx E

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