Goodmorning and happy Friday!

Almost weekend, I hope you have some lovely plans coming up:)

As you may have read in my previous post, I would like to focus on a more conscious living. A choice and mindset I think a lot of us are taking into consideration today. But as my lifestyle is focussed on kindness, how does that work with shopping & consuming these days?

Because, besides focussing on a kind mindset and lifestyle, I am also a lover of beautiful clothing, nice jewelry, accessories, good shoes and I love to decorate my home with fancy and cute interior designs. Just like you most probably!

Retail therapy / shopping is a true happiness factor in my life. But which retailers are acting kind? Which brands do well? Which services have a #giveback policy involved? What choices can I (easily) make to consume more kind, without losing my favorite clothing brands and products?

I am thinking of adding a new theme on the blog about this topic:

Kind Style

For Kind Style I will write a weekly post on the options on consuming fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle products as well as services that act with kindness. I can review our favorite brands and retailers on how they give back to society and act kind or that join CSR programs.

I am not a journalist, but I am definitely curious on this topic and would love to share it with you! Do you think it’s a good idea to start a new blog-theme like this? And what brands/services/products would you like me to start with? I will try to make it as international as possible concerning.

Please leave me your comments and thoughts below:)