Dear Sunshines,

Last December I did a very special collaboration with A City Made by People, a lovely initiative that operates worldwide and is focussing on connecting urban globe trotters and the city’s citizens. Their mission: better cities are build from the heart.

Robin, who is a City enthusiast in Amsterdam, asked me to join in two programs of A City Made by People: I presented 4 courses in December on HOW to give back to your city and its’ society and I joined a City-talk on Social Media about #givingback.

The 4 courses are presented in a private group (and can currently be entered for Free here!) and the City-talk is available on YouTube for everyone. Therefore, I wanted to share the talk we had about giving back with Robin, Arina Pedersen from Bali, Indonesia and Guenes from Turkey.

Hope you like to see the City Talks.

And hereby the courses on volunteering and #givingback.

Episode 1: The importance of volunteering
Episode 2: how to find time to volunteer
Episode 3: How to get started with volunteering
Episode 4: Lets take action!

Curious what you think of it! Could you learn anything new from it?

Love and Sunshine, XOXO

Thanks for the amazing team to make this happen!

Interested to collaborate as well? I would love to get in touch with you!

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