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Goodmorning again from Kathmandu, Nepal!

Last Tuesday I got the chance to visit the workshop and production centre of one of my favorite jewelry brands: A Beautiful Story.

A Beautiful Story

And a beautiful story it is, as the owner (Cathelijne) is making a true difference in the industry by having a first-hand production team in Kathmandu, Nepal. The production company is named Beads for Life and produces 99% of its’ products for A Beautiful Story. The companies works closely together which improves the products, the relationship and the development of both businesses. 

A Beautiful Story is a fair-trade jewelry brand which offers fine jewelry that are perfect for everyday wear. The collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins, anklets and earrings. Next to that they introduced very pretty postcards this season. Most of the collection is build upon the believe of the magical power of gem stones. Most products of A Beautiful Story are provided with a gem-stone. Each stone has different characteristics and is able to provide you with certain powers in your life.  The true meaning of the stone is attached to the item, which is very convenient for yourself or when you buy it as a gift.

Gemstones are such a beautiful and powerful element of the jewelry

My visit

The production company of A Beautiful Story, named Beads for Life, is situated in a friendly home-style-office in the neighborhood of Bagmati, Kathmandu. From the outside it’s a family home but inside it’s business-o-clock. I

I visited A Beautiful Story with beautiful Marie from @marieaumonde and her boyfriend @idnm We were lovely welcomed by Roos from A Beautiful Story and Nimdiki from Beads for Life. We started the visit with a tasty Indian appetizer (Samosa’s) and drinks in the garden. Meanwhile we got to have an impression of the current collection while browsing through their amazing look-book. The collection is stunning and they are growing every season collection-wise.  

A Beautiful cooperation: Dutch ladies of ABS together with the managers of Beads for Life in Nepal

After the introduction we got a tour around the production company. Almost 50 women work here in a cosy environment which feels more like a home rather than a working place. The production company is clean, fresh aired and friendly. They employed 47 ladies for production, two men in charge or back-office activities and a male guard. 

Together the ladies are specialized in different fields of production: beading, finishing or packaging & control.  The different stages work closely together and are situated on the ground and first floor of the building. The company offers their employees possibilities to develop and to make a promotion within the companies’ stages.

My personal favorite: Jacky bracelets in pink and gold

The production is all done by hand, no machine is used in the process. Beading of small jewelry  (especially when it’s patterned) is a detailed activity which requests a strong focus and clear mind. Therefore the ambiance in the production is very calm, no loud music, phones or talking. This avoids any miscalculations and mistakes.  

As the company is employing women mostly and they are expanding, they improve their HR especially towards women. They offer a good maternity leave of 4 months and provide daycare for the kids, in order to support the women in any possible way  to conveniently working here. 

Calm and concentrated ladies of A Beautiful Story working on the collection
A sneak peek of the new samples of FW19

Check the vlog for a live tour


I am a fan of the beautiful jewelry they make and I am especially very impressed by the transparent and honest way they make it. This is truly a fair and humane production in which employees are treated in the way we are used to in Europe. Healthy conditions at work, good social circumstances and humane working hours. Therefore I become a proud ambassador of the brand A Beautiful Story and I definitely recommend you to check out their collection. The jewelry is affordable, fashionable yet timeless, fair-trade and a perfect gift for anyone! You not only give a physical gift, but also a true wish and meaning with the gem-stone you picked for them. The gem-stone will continuously give power, strength, love, courage and magic.

After my visit I got a beautiful bracelet, model Winter, with a moonstone. It’s a perfect light and versatile item which I will wear a lot. Moonstone stands for female wisdom, protection and personal growth. I am so excited what my gemstone wil bring me! Thank you A Beautiful Story for this sweet gift X

My current favorites
Citrine – Happiness, brightness, optimism
Dragonfly earrings
Gold plated bracelet ‘Believe in Magic’