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I recently did a closet sale for charity and it was amazing! I’ve never been happier to get rid of my pile of clothes and doing it for charity. Plus, all girls buying my wardrobe were satisfied with both the new piece as well as the donation they did! And don’t we all have enough clothes? These actions can make a huge donation for charity. And you will feel so happy by doing it (trust me on this!). This action was easy and fun, but there are many things you can do to something for charity:

Here are 6 ways to take action for charity:

Organize a closet sale

A closet sale is a perfect charity event to organize when you have plenty of clothes and not sure what to do with it. First, go through your wardrobe and select styles you barely wear or don’t fit anymore. Then invite friends over or create an event. Display your clothes for your friends to go through and decide your pricing (either fixed prices or by bidding). Serve some coffee, tea and snacks, put on some music and enjoy! Your friends will be happy to have some nice pieces from your wardrobe and you are happy to make space in your closet. All sales can be donated afterwards for charity!

Work-out or run a marathon for charity

Are you the sportive type of person? How about working out for charity! There are many competitions, runs, marathons, hikes, PLOGS or workouts you can do for charity. Find a good cause and ask relatives to support you with a donation. Make a flyer or a template for Social Media to share and create some awareness or join an online platform that can do that for you. Or organize a little running club or yoga group with friends to do it together. You can also join a charity or club who run/workout together for a good cause. Show what you can do best and your achievements will be supported with a donation in name of you! Doesn’t that make you proud twice?

Celebrate for a good cause

Are you celebrating your birthday soon? Or getting married in the next year? How about asking for a donation when you don’t know what to ask for? At some ages we can’t think of anything to wish for – we have the luxury to have all we need. Then a donation can be a good alternative for friends and family to support you and give something and you donate in name of yourself! You can also decide to do a split gift: ask for half a donation and half a gift – so you still get a small wedding / birthday present but can enjoy giving the donation too. Communicate the charity on your invite and make it personal: i’m sure guests will love it!

Sell home decorations and books with a garage sale or at a flea market

Throughout the year there are so many fairs, flea markets and garage sales everywhere. How about you get rid of home decorations, books, clothes, shoes or whatever you have left for charity? You can join Kingsday, fancy fairs, ijhallen or organize a garage sale yourself if you have space. It’s good to open your one-day shop for charity and let people know the sales will be donated: I’m sure people love that! you can even try to get flyers or posters maybe to put up on your table for support. Enjoy getting rid of so much stuff while donating to your favorite charity.

Create and sell something hand-made

Are you, like me, loving to craft? Make something fun by hand and sell it for charity! How about bracelets, necklaces, rings, posters, cards, drawings, designs, fashion or accessories? Anything you are good at and enjoy making it, is worth to sell for charity. You can easily spread your small business online (through Facebook or Instagram) or even open up a small webshop. Another option is to sell it on a flea market, fancy fair, ijhallen or kingsday like described above. I’m sure people will love something small and original for charity.

Cook, bake or stove for charity

Are you a queen in the kitchen? How about organizing a charity dinner for friends? You cook, they donate. Your donation is the food and energy you put into it. You can create a fun event online or send a personalized invitation and host your dinner at home. Create a cute menu and ask your visitors a donation for the meal. Turn on some nice dinner music, have some wine or mocktails and enjoy the night.

More into baking? How about baking cakes or cookies to sell on a fair as well? You can create cute creatures and pack them in foil with a small card attached – showing some information on the cause you support!

Talk to your manager about volunteering

Another action you can take, is to ask at work to do volunteering or supporting charity with your company. Most businesses have some budget to spend and it can be a lot such a thankful experience to do such thing. So, step up and have the talk – for charity!

It’s fairly easy to give to charity, as long as you put some time & energy in it. And it can be a lot of fun, no doubt!


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