Being kind is so important in life! We sometimes tend to forget how much it brings us and to others. Therefore a short reminder to be kind and 5 easy ways to be more kind everyday:

Be grateful for what you have

Be kind to every living thing

Don’t judge yourself or others

Smile more and be present

Be kind to yourself

Sounds quite easy, isn’t it? Well, it really is easy to be kind. And I believe: What you send into the world, you get back!

I am sure your days will be filled with happiness when you implement these five things into your daily life and routine. It’s a good thing to ask yourself what you are grateful for every morning, to be kind to every living thing: humans, animals and plants, to stop judging yourself or anyone else (hello happiness!), to smile more during your days and really be in the present. And last but definately not least, always be kind to yourself. Treat yourself, only say kind things and do the things that make yourself happy! It’s what counts the most.