• My reasons to always GO on that adventure

    I know it's not easy for everyone to travel or find the resources for it, but if you get the change: please GO. Make the decision quickly and embrace the adventure as it comes. Adventures don't always need to take…

  • The Journey: Malawi

    In this blog - with VLOG included - you will read all about my Journey through Malawi. I'll tell you about my trip, where I stayed, my best tips and my voluntary work.

  • Taste of Malawi

    I love a good piece of fashion, but more and more I become to realize I want my clothes to be ethical responsible and I like to know what my spendings add up or give back. Looking into the fashion…

  • The Journey: Zambia (Including VLOG)

    You maybe wouldn't pick it as a first choice holiday country, but Zambia actually is a beautiful place to spend your vacation. Read all about my trip here and the suggestions I have for you when traveling to Zambia, Africa.

  • Zambia: Comaco

    In this blog I like to tell you more about the South Luangwa National Park and the importance of conservation of wildlife. An organization I teamed up with - Comaco - is showing the perfect example of how wildlife conservation…