Living my life taking more conscious, thoughtful decisions in 2019

Hi there dear readers! Hope you are having a good morning so far:) 2019 is already running for almost a month, but I came to the conclusion I would like to give myself a personal challenge for the upcoming year. And I’d like to share it with you here, so I can keep better track of myself. And maybeee you would like to join me:)

This challenge came up to me the other day, when I was strolling through the shopping-streets of Amsterdam in search for the perfect winter-pull. It came to my mind that I am having such a hard time buying something these days. In my head I am constantly discussing with myself about more sustainable buying behavior / willing to look good in the latest fashion / finding timeless pieces / recycle more due to the huge amount of clothes in the store / paying a fair price for garments / checking more on qualities and productions etc. This discussion is driving me nuts and I end up buying nothing at all. Still unsatisfied, but at least I didn’t disappoint myself either in buying something ‘bad.’ Anyone who recognizes this discussion?

So, I like to challenge myself to live a more conscious life in 2019, including buying behavior. Be more kind to the world in the way that I consume. These guidelines hopefully will make me feel more confident in living my everyday life without having discussion about every single thing in my head;-)

In 2019 I will consciously stop buying new nail-polishes all the time. Use the old ones first. Can you find similar colors in my current collection?

In 2019 I will consciously:

  • Eat more vegetables and focus on food from mother earth. Eat vegetarian when possible.
  • Buy my food more locally (market, farmer etc).
  • Buy fairtrade, ecological, and biological options as much as I can.
  • Avoid buying any groceries that are in plastic. I’ll bring my own cotton totes to buy vegetables and find more options of food in glass or paper.
  • I’ll try to avoid buying to many pre-packaged food in general. No cookies, salads or vegetable mixes. Instead, I’ll try to bake, prepare and make things fresh and keep leftovers to eat another day. It’s a time investment but it’s worth it.
  • Use my Dopper bottle for water on the go and no longer buy small single use water bottles.
  • Candies can be made by myself too, no need to buy these prepackaged.
  • Separate my trash carefully – paper – glass – textiles – plastic. In Amsterdam this is fairly easy to do as we have multiple containers in my neighborhood. So no discussion;-)
  • Buy more LED-lightning and replace old lamps.
  • Turn off lamps in rooms i’m not in (hall, bathroom, kitchen)
  • Start tracking my shower-time in order to limit my waste of water.
  • Turn down the heat when I’m not home.
  • Clean up my home more regularly in order to give away /donate things to charity or bring it to a second-hand store.
  • Shop for fashion staples more second-hand (vintage stores, online and vintage markets). As I get bored with it mostly after one season, I expect myself to buy most fashion staples second-hand in 2019. It maybe takes more time, but is definitely a challenge that is making me more happy. My fashion staples include: bags, jackets, jeans, dresses and tees.
  • Buy good basics of sustainable & natural fabrics, good quality and fair brands. My basics would be shoes, workout clothes, underwear, some jewelry and tight pants. I should do my research before heading out shopping.
  • Make a vision-board of my preferred style, to avoid buying things I don’t love.
  • Buy my make-up and beauty products from brands that don’t do any animal-testing. Transparency is there now.
  • Try to buy more beauty products is glass (foundation, creams, moisturizers) instead of plastic.
  • Use my shampoo bar more and less bottled shampoo.
  • Stop buying new nail-polishes. Use the old ones first.
  • Make nature more of a priority in everyday life. Enjoy it more often.
  • Save my coins, collect them in my pocket at all times and consciously give them to those who need it. No more “sorry I don’t have any” for me this year (which always makes me feel so bad to say, with my debit card in my wallet).
Consciously buy more glass and use less plastic bottles. Beauty products may come in glass too.
Consciously buy more fashion items second-hand. So much more fun!
Consciously buy more products that I can recycle. Like these hand-soap and hand-lotion from &Other Stories.

Well, this is already such a list while there is so much more I can do to live more conscious. Do you have more tips or ideas to add to the list? I hope to inspire you to join me and make 2019 the best year for the world we live in!


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