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    Gifts that give back

    Looking for some last-minute gift-inspiration? Either you like to complete your own wishlist or you need an idea to give a present to someone special, here is a list of gifts that are lovely to receive and also give back!

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    Let’s make it a December to remember

    As Christmas traditions have been part of our life’s for a long time already, why wouldn’t we add a new one this year? Why not spend time and showing we care to someone who you don’t yet know, but deserves…

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    A paw from paradise – Isla Holbox, Mexico

    Refugio Holbox is the only shelter on the Island as far as I am aware and it's visually shown on every local island map (I asked for a map at the reception of my hotel). Since 2009 they care for…

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    The joy of giving: Christmas’ kindest presents

    Do you remember when you were young, getting presents for Christmas was the ultimate happiness? Creating a wish-list, sending it out and receiving what you wished for. It was a dream come true every December. Through the years of getting…