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    Critical Checklist for Humanitarian Help

    Lately I have become more conscious of the fact that we have so much power in who we support and therefore we should always be critical in who we help, who we donate our money to and how we feel about what we do. Therefore, I’d like to share a critical checklist for Humanitarian Help and Charities with you, which might be helpful for you as a future volunteer.

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    Weekend GET-AWAY: Storholmen

    I felt like sharing another get-away tip with you for the Stockholm area and a TIP for (future) travelers to Stockholm: If you would like to experience the Archipelago of Stockholm (the world heritage islands), an easy and quick visit…

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    Swedish Lapland on a budget

    In this BLOG, you will be able to find my 7 best tips to travel to Swedish Lapland on a budget. I always thought traveling to Lapland would be one of the most expensive things to do. I thought thousands…

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    Swedish Lapland: A Dream Trip

    Without spoiling too much of what we did, I'd like to share my latest travel vlog with you here. A 14 minute video with all the highlights of my trip to incredible Swedish Lapland:

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    Get rid of old clothes with kindness: DONATE

    Did you find the time to clean out your wardrobe? Great work! But would you like to make someone else happy with your pre-loved items, then my suggestions may come in handy. With these tips, you will be able to…

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    TSJ on the MOVE: Stockholm!

    In this post, you'll find my 1st video that shows a quick overview of the move in JAN - FEB '21 during COVID-19. I moved out of my apartment, flew from Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Arlanda (Stockholm), moved into my…

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    A City Made by People: #givingback

    Last December I did a very special collaboration with A City Made by People on #givingback, a lovely initiative that operates worldwide and is focussing on connecting urban globe trotters and the city's citizens. Their mission: better cities are build…

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    Happy Summer!

    The website of TSJ will be under construction in August, but don't worry: we'll be back shortly! In the meantime: enjoy your summer and follow the journey on Instagram: