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    Isn't it special, how the sooth smell of coffee can awaken you? How coffee can bring coziness to a rainy morning or an energy boost in the afternoon? I truly love it. There is a whole culture around coffee with…

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    Give what you have plenty of

    As I am further planning my trip to Zambia & Malawi I came to consider what I personally can give to change things for the better. Because I believe you can always help and you can always give. What do…

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    None of the content in this post is sponsored or promoted Happy Saturday! Hope you are having a good one. This Kind Style Saturday I’ll be reviewing HEMA. This European retailer offers such a broad assortment of goods, it can…

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    5 acts of kindness

    Being kind is so important in life! We sometimes tend to forget how much it brings us and to others. Therefore a short reminder to be kind and 5 easy ways to be more kind every day:

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    Verse is a fairly new concept store with a huge worldwide online store as well as a physical store concept in Amsterdam, positioned on two locations. Their slogan? Do Good. Feel good. - Love that!